It has been a while (quite a while) since I last updated this blog so, let me get you caught up on what is happening with RiverTree. Most importantly, I am glad to announce two new additions to the RiverTree board of directors. Dr. Dennis Morrow and Dr. Michael Mignard have both agreed to serve as members of the initial board. Both Mike and Denny bring a lifetime of experience in education and school administration. I am deeply grateful that they agreed to serve and RiverTree will be much stronger for their guidance.
I have also recently completed RiverTree's application for tax-exempt status. Any of you who have gone through this application process with the IRS know that it is very involved and thought provoking. It took a lot of time, but I think we did everything correctly. Now it is a matter of waiting. Please pray that the process goes quickly and that RiverTree receives approval from the IRS as soon as possible.
I am also busily at work on a marketing strategy for the school. RiverTree has retained an excellent firm, SWP agency, which is guiding us through the process. We are very close to unveiling our official school logo. Then, sometime in September, we will launch the new website and this blog will move to one of the back pages.
On a personal note, I am back from vacation and blogging should resume a more regular pace. Thanks for your patience with me.