Pray for RiverTree

First off, hello! I've been listed as a co-blogger, but this is my first post. I often dream of the topics I will post on as I cook, keep house, etc., but when it comes down to it, I haven't gotten them typed down until now! Drum roll, honestly this isn't one of the Charlotte Mason/RiverTree topics I've longed to write, but really one of infinitely greater importance. RiverTree is a plan and a dream that we have, but it won't happen without you! Since Rodney last posted we've begun a new series at church on prayer, and it has been motivating (and convicting) to think about our call and duty to pray. We, Rod and I, are praying about RiverTree. We want this beautiful, valuing, education to be available to hundreds of children! We long to see smiling faces, excited to learn. These dreams are ones that we offer up to God each day, but we really do need you. There's so much power in corporate prayer. Will you pray with us for RiverTree? We have a lot to accomplish before we open doors next fall. We covet your prayers. If this is something you could commit to in a more official sense, could you email me? I'd like to work on setting up a prayer team for the school. Also, if you are a Facebook user, please check out my new group Friends of RiverTree School (which I did try to link to, but hmm...not able to so you'll have to search for it) where I will also be working on building a network and communicating updates to people who may not always check out this blog.

Think about it. Prayer is amazing in its effectiveness. I'm sure my theology will have a few holes if I pontificate further, God doesn't need our prayers and certainly can and does do His wonders without our prayers, but we bless and are blessed in our praying. I just can't wait to really tell more of how God has been working lately and revealing His will for RiverTree. Can't let all all of the cat out of the bag yet, but expect more details as soon as we're able!