Hunting for a Building

We are on the lookout for a home for RiverTree School and we could use your help. The best buildings are often churches with education facilities or buildings that have housed schools in the past. Take a look at the location preference map I created to get an idea of where we are looking. If you happen to know of something that might be suitable, please contact me using the email address in the sidebar.


Might I suggest Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church o...

Might I suggest Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church of Plymouth ( The church currently offers preschool as an outreach ministry, but only 2 classrooms are in use at a time. The church has a full-sized gym, outdoor playground, music room, and lots of classrooms, plus it is in close proximity to French Regional Park (for nature excursions). I don't actually attend this church, but my son goes to the preschool, so I've been there quite a lot. I think it would be an ideal location for RiverTree.