Ambleside of Fredericksburg

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I had the great pleasure a few weeks ago to travel to Fredericksburg, Texas for a three day internship at the Ambleside School there. Up until my visit, my knowledge of Charlotte Mason's method had been largely theoretical. I understood it and believed in its efficacy, but hadn't actually seen it in action in a school setting. Well, now that I have, let me tell you, I am more eager than ever for RiverTree to open.

One of the constant sources of anxiety for me was that RiverTree was in uncharted territory. Sure, a lot is known about starting a more generic Christian School. The Association of Christian Schools International even publishes a guide: How to Start a Christian School. But RiverTree isn't going to be like those other Christian Schools, so I didn't have a model to follow.

This is why I am so excited about finding Ambleside Schools International. To find an organization with a vision so closely alligned with RiverTree's was encouraging. To find that the organization actually offered a model to be copied complete with curriculum, handbooks, policies, schedules and training made me want to jump, shout and cheer.

I was planning to spend a large portion of my time over the next few years figuring out what to do in order to make this method work in practice. Now that we have Ambleside of Fredericksburg to follow (and by follow, I mean shamelessly copy), I will instead be able to work on how we do it.

The advantage to parents considering RiverTree is that the early growing pains for the school should be fewer and shorter lived. We will be able to become a mature school much faster than we would have otherwise.

Praise God!