What? You're still reading this?!!

Actually, that's great! BUT if you are relying on this blog for all of the current RiverTree gossip, activities, etc, you're looking in the wrong spot. We will continue to post here, but the most current info can come directly to your email box if you only sign up for our newsletter (click on newsletter). You don't have to be someone planning on sending your children to RT (of course we hope that you do), you can just be someone who think this is all rather interesting and is curious.

Information Meeting, Tuesday March 24

Marybeth and I will be hosting an informational meeting in our home in Maple Grove on Tuesday, March 24th at 7:00 p.m. If you are interested in a RiverTree education for your children this would be a good opportunity to find out more. Please RSVP to Rodney at: We will look forward to seeing you.

New Address for this Blog

If you have successfully made your way to this blog despite my messing around with domain name records and the like, you already know that the address has changed.

From the beginning, one of the purposes of this blog was to be a place-holder for the RiverTree School website. Well, it is almost here. Accordingly, I have moved the blog to its new, permanent home at

It your chance to express your opinion!

Hello dear readers. Lest you think we aren't doing anything to further the plan for RiverTree opening Fall 2009, I thought I better write a post. One reason you haven't heard a lot from us is that we are still spending every moment we can pursuing a location for RTS. More on that later from Rodney. Much of our search is calling, waiting, wondering, learning patience and trust. All are valuable things, just not good blog posts.


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